Start Here

There's a number of things that I've gathered and added on this to add value to each and every person who visits (thank you by the way). I've attempted to organize everything as follows:

  • Breaking in - Posts and resources about helping you land your first job in the cyber security industry.
  • Developing - Posts and resources about helping you think strategically about your career and develop essential skills that will outlast any technology trend.
  • Leading - Posts and resources about helping you succeed as a new or existing security leader.

What are you going through today?

So what best describes you and where you're at or what you're struggling with in your career? 

  • Have you been working in a completely unrelated field and want to make a radical career change into cyber security?
  • Have you been in the field for a little while but want to expand the impact you're able to make, climb the ladder at your organization, or secure yourself a promotion?
  • Did you just take your first job as a security manager?
  • Did you get hired by a company with no security program or team and get asked to build everything out from scratch?

I hope you find some of the resources on this site useful. Certainly, there are no two personal situations that are exactly alike, but I believe that the principles and resources focused on developing you above your technical skills will take you far in this field. And that's something that will benefit us all.