Cyber Security Leadership

Trust is built at the intersection of integrity, accountability, and honesty. As a leader in the cyber security industry, it is imperative that we cultivate trust within the teams we are responsible for, the ones we are working with, and the people who are reliant on the resiliency of the systems we're protecting. 

Challenges Facing Leaders 

Many organizations fall into one of two buckets:

  1. They are rapidly expanding their security teams; or
  2. They are starting a security program for the first time ever. 

This has led to more technical, hands-on security professionals moving into leadership roles. This can be a precarious position, trying to balance the fast-moving technical needs of a security team while managing people, resources, budgets, project plans, and more. I found myself in this exact position several years ago.

I stepped into an organization that had no security team but desperately needed a security program for the very real data they were handling, the systems they were building, and the customers they were serving. To start with, I needed to break out of my hustle and get it all done myself mindset I had from consulting. I needed to step back and develop a plan of action, a strategy. This mindset shift was a big thing for me when presented with all of the daily fires of the job. It was the best thing I could have ever done though.

My goal in this section of the site is to help others who are either new to security program development, leadership or management roles, or are looking to develop as a leader, with the resources they need to succeed. Making that mindset shift away from getting "hands on keyboard" to solve all problems towards working through and leading people is a big one, but when done right, the results are amazing.