About Us

Why Hack Your Cyber Career?

This site is built to help as many people as humanly possible lead impactful careers in the field of cybersecurity, an industry that influences so much in our world today.

We are carrying out this mission by providing career advice and educational resources for people who want to make an impact and are interested in looking beyond technical problems. 

There are so many amazing resources for people to learn about and advance their careers in security today. People of all stages flock to these resources, which are almost purely technical in nature and then when faced with difficult social or organizational problems, struggle to adapt. There's a lot of security practitioners out there still throwing shade at users for their problems, blaming executives for resource constraints, and a huge array of other things. We don't need to abandon or even stop consuming the incredible technical education available today, but we do need to start thinking about how we build out the soft skills we need to work with people in and outside of our teams more effectively.

Our goal here is to help our user base achieve the meaningful impact they are looking for in the security field, funneling their mix of technical and interpersonal talents into this incredible pressing problem.

What do we do?

We work in the trenches, just like you. We're talking with people from within and outside of our industry trying to understand the best ways to develop and work with people. We're constantly researching and learning about how to be a more impactful contributor to the field, aside from the tech.

Based on this, we provide:

  1. Supporting articles, insights, and tools. These resources center around various soft skills that are relevant to a successful, high-impact career in security and things you can do to develop.
  2. A community of people in the field who want to work together to support one another to have the greatest possible positive impact. 

We're working on more resources like online courses, books, and dedicated summits all centered around these core principles. 

What's with the name?

Hacking is a common term often associated with the information security field (e.g., computer hacker). This site is about trying to apply the same systematic creativity, dedication, and out-of-the-box thinking to your career development to maximize your growth and impact.

Our values

Hack Your Cyber Career is built and governed by the following guiding principles.

Transparency - The way we make major decisions and the way we arrive at mistakes as a site will be made transparent along this journey. This is part of building a trusting community and in inviting feedback so we can improve. 

Altruistic - Everything produced here is in the service of making the cybersecurity industry better, elevating its people, and helping make the world a more secure place as a result. 

Quality - Given the importance of every interaction we in this field have with others and the criticality of information technology today, we believe that this problem demands attention. We want our resources to be useful, applicable, and detailed.

Getting involved

There's a number of outlets to get involved in our mission.

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