2018-0409 Challenge - Learning Should Be A Joy

Coffee With A Splash Of Cyber provides short cyber security-themed educational exercises that you can work through on one of your coffee breaks throughout the week. Open source code snippets, log files, other security or career scenarios will be presented every Monday morning.

Take a look at the challenge and work through it on your own. On Friday, the solution is posted so you can check your work. Each exercise is intended to last between 5 and 15 minutes. Do it on one of your coffee breaks and you'll be on your way to developing your technical security skill set to compliment your soft skills.

Learning should be a joy


This week's challenge is a screenshot of a GSuite email configuration. Here we have a healthcare provider who needs to exchange protected health information (PHI) over email to partners. It's worth noting that this organization has not signed any special contracts with Google, they signed up for a GSuite account and started securely integrating it with their operations.

Take a look at the screenshot below!

Vulnerable GSuite email settings

Good luck! 

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