The mountain ahead: the need for a shift in cyber security talent

Consider some of the most significant breaches that have happened over the last few years and how it may have affected you or someone you know on a very personal level. I will admit that several of them have touched my life and it's infuriating being a member of this community. Is the problem that we are that far behind the attackers, defensive tech versus offensive? I don't think so; I believe many of the issues we face in this industry boil down to the things that aren't changing every day like the technology; it's the people, the soft skills, and the culture. 

I also believe that within this problem also lies our greatest opportunity, by giving people both in the field and that are potentially interested in the field a chance to grow, we can create lasting change. We can build armies of diverse, forward-thinking, collaborative, and empathetic individuals working across the world. We can affect many organizations, industries, the public and the private sector. If we stop focusing so heavily on generating more tools, stop forcing our ideas on the world around us and denouncing others when they don't live up to our standards, then we may have a chance to move the needle. 

This is the first blog post of many and so I'll end it with this. 

We need to shift the way we think about, cultivate, hire, and bring new talent into this field. This site is focused entirely on this mission so I hope you find the resources that will be provided useful for your own journey.

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