Security is only half tech. Our mission is to help you build out your soft skills to fill in the gaps.

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The cyber security industry is one of the fastest growing, exciting, and critically important fields today; many studies predict a skills shortage in the millions now and into the future. It's not just technology companies that need protection either; elections, smart homes, power grids, telephones, cars, and so much more are all in need of the next generation of cyber security professionals and leaders.

Whatever stage your career in cyber security is at, your personal development is essential to our collective success. To truly develop and make an impact it's essential that you invest in developing both your technical skills as well as your soft skills.

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Fueled by CSOs, penetration testers, students, professors, red teamers, incident responders, GRC analysts, private sector, public sector, engineers, data scientists, and everything in between. It takes diversity in ideas, perspective, and background to succeed in this field. There is no way for any one person, company, or government to solve this problem. The only way we can make a dent is together.

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